Capex Model customers

We have tied up with many banks to offer loans for our customers in going for solar installations

Capex model Benfits

  • Pay system cost upfront

  • Own solar asset over its lifetime more than 25years

  • No monthly payments

  • Avail AD benefit

  • System pay back in 4-5 Years


Opex (BOOT) Model customers

We have tied up with IPP and project investors to offer BOOT (opex) model for our customers. Under this model, the investor shall put the entire capital expenditure and shall charge the customer on a per unit basis which is typically 30% less than the grid power cost.

Opex (BOOT) model Benfits

  • No upfront cost and over 30% savings on grid power cost

  • Pay for the units generated from solar asset

  • No maintenance cost over agreement time

  • No system performance risk