Solar Pumps

Solar powered pumps help the farmer in becoming grid independent, self sufficient in water resources, increase the number of crops per year, due to availability of more water.

Solar powered pumps draw water during the day time when solar energy is available and using innovative Variable Frequency Drives, the pumps operate even at low light conditions thereby extracting maximum amount of energy from sun.

The advantages with solar pumps is that they draw maximum water when required i.e. during summer when there is highest solar radiation and during rainy seasons they draw less water due to lower radiation, but at the same time the requirement of groundwater is also less during those days.

These solutions do not require battery and run on standalone without any need for grid power.


  • Grid Independent
  • Assured water for 300 to 320 Days.
  • Higher output in summer.
  • Increase in productivity.
  • Provides drinking water for remote areas.


5 HP Solar Pumping System

5 HP Solar Pumping System

Location: Visakhaptnam, Telangana

Key Benefits:

  • Reduction of Grid dependence by 100%
  • Investment Payback in 2 Years
  • Average Water Output – 1,10,000 Litres/Day


We have completed Solar Pumps installations at A.P